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Loop 289 Northwest Passage Widening


Lubbock, Texas

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), C&C Road Construction, Inc and our branch in Lubbock, Texas are working together on a project partially funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

The Northwest Passage mobility project will widen Loop 289 from four to six lanes and includes two bridges.  With a total construction price tag of $28 million, the Northwest Passage project received $14.5 million from federal funds with the City of Lubbock contributing $13.5 million towards construction.

James Durbin (22) is working with C&C to supply circular column forms, Meva column forms and Symons Max-A-Form.

Tim Purswell (14) and Lonnie Stuart (14) worked together to supply the concrete accessories including several Shep products: Shep 1107 Premium Grout, Shep Weld Plus, Shep Diamond Blades, Shep Sealant and several others.

Thanks to the Lubbock branch: Greg Krause, Alex Cristan, Brandon McCurley, Scott Estes for their contributions to the project.

Burlington Coat Factory Construction


St. Petersburg. Florida

Carr & Sons contracting,  is constructing a 27,000 ft luxury nursing/retirement community in downtown St. Petersburg. Florida.  Jesse Gulledge – from the CMC Tampa branch is supplying the Meva Dec and Meva Lite, alightweight clamp system, for the project.

Jesse worked with the contractor to supply the rental package, as well as, a complete line of concrete accessories including slab bolster, nails, and rebar. Carr & Sons has been thrilled with our inventory of forming and shoring products and is looking forward to working with us on several projects in the future.

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Happy Careers In Construction Week! Oct 12-19th!

Sponsored by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), Careers in Constrution Week encourages standardized craft training and assessment programs with portable credentials for the construction industry. To find our more about NCCER and Careers in Construction Week, visit their web site at

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Houston-South Showroom Gets a New Look


Houston, Texas

 Our Houston- South branch recently re-merchandised their showroom focusing on a better customer experience within the showroom.  The new store format includes lower shelving that will make it easier to see across the store, wider aisles and a new configuration of gondolas.

Employees began Saturday morning by removing all product from gondolas and cleaning the floors.  Two Shepler’s Performance Products end caps were created; one to display sealants and epoxies and a second to display all types and sizes of Shep blades.

New products were also prominently displayed.  Two Simpson end caps feature a variety of epoxies and anchoring systems.  A sample board with Simpson connectors is also displayed.

Thanks to everyone who helped accomplish this big task: Tony Rodriguez, Allison Joiner, Maria Cruz, Shawn Nelson, Warren Stapleton, John Hicks, Ramiro Trevino, Art Lartigue, Pete Covarrubias, James Damian, Kenneth Jowers, Johnnie Arolfo, Bob Klasen, Manuel Salazar, Douglas Banos, Dan Palmer, Spanky Boutell, Simon Sheu, Rosemarie Espinosa, Dean Alley and Terry Cook.

Fly Me To The Moon – Spaceport America


Alameda, New Mexico

Construction of a new runway is underway at Spaceport America, the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport. The large concrete runway will also be able to accommodate returning launch vehicles, fly-back rocket boosters and other space launch and training vehicles. The $1.44 million dollar project will use earth tubes for cooling (reducing costs by 50-70%), solar energy for power and has its own wastewater recycling plant.

URS Corporation teamed with Foster and Partners of the United Kingdom to create the winning design. The Construction Manager is Gerald Martin of Albuquerque, NM and the General Contractor is David Montoya Construction of Alameda, NM.

The Albuquerque branch has sold numerous product on the job including wire mesh, mesh chairs, baskets, dowel bars, cure and expansion joint.

The runway is expected to be complete by late Summer 2010 and the Terminal Hangar Facility is projected to be complete by early 2011.

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