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Houston-South Showroom Gets a New Look


Houston, Texas

 Our Houston- South branch recently re-merchandised their showroom focusing on a better customer experience within the showroom.  The new store format includes lower shelving that will make it easier to see across the store, wider aisles and a new configuration of gondolas.

Employees began Saturday morning by removing all product from gondolas and cleaning the floors.  Two Shepler’s Performance Products end caps were created; one to display sealants and epoxies and a second to display all types and sizes of Shep blades.

New products were also prominently displayed.  Two Simpson end caps feature a variety of epoxies and anchoring systems.  A sample board with Simpson connectors is also displayed.

Thanks to everyone who helped accomplish this big task: Tony Rodriguez, Allison Joiner, Maria Cruz, Shawn Nelson, Warren Stapleton, John Hicks, Ramiro Trevino, Art Lartigue, Pete Covarrubias, James Damian, Kenneth Jowers, Johnnie Arolfo, Bob Klasen, Manuel Salazar, Douglas Banos, Dan Palmer, Spanky Boutell, Simon Sheu, Rosemarie Espinosa, Dean Alley and Terry Cook.

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