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Spark Up Your Concrete

Too often is concrete overlooked as what could be valuable a design element when working on a job site.  With its dull grey appearance, concrete can be transformed into a lively piece of artwork or even colored to blend into the landscape.

 Today’s market trends has added a twist to concrete, not only by adding color to camouflage the monotone grey, but also by adding designs through various techniques.  One such method, concrete stamping, can deliver the desired look of something really expensive for just a fraction of the cost.

Herringbone Decorative Concrete StampFor example, what looks to be hundreds of bricks is simply a stamp applied to the concrete and then treated with the appropriate color overlay to give the Brick Herringbone effect.

Fan Decorative Concrete Stamp

Or you could create a fancier pattern with the use of the Limestone European Fan stamp, this provides a dramatic effect to the concrete project by bringing life to what was once a simple slab of concrete.

Many Consumers worry that the color treatment will affect the sturdiness of the slab, this is NOT true.  Quality brand concrete color from companies like L.M. Scofield or Butterfield does not weaken the concrete.  If anything it makes it more attractive and inviting.

So don’t be afraid to experiment on your next concrete project and if you have any questions call one our decorative concrete experts at 713-799-1150.

View all our available decorative concrete stamps.

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