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Bayou Trepagnier Floodwall

Norco, Louisiana

Bayou Trepagnier in Norco, Louisiana is making modifications to its pump house and floodwalls. This project is one of the Corps. of Engineers 100 year protection jobs. The project work consists of pile load tests for Bayour Trepagnier complex and I-310 floodwall.

Healtheon is using Symons panels for footer forms and Meva Lite for wall forms. Waterstop, expansion material, cures, form release and other CMC Construction Services products are being used on the jobsite.

Matt Trago (43) and Heath Starns (41) have diligently worked to sell the complete package of rental formwork and CMC Construction Services’ product on this jobsite.

Project Info:
Bayou Trepagnier Flood walls – Norco, Louisiana
New Construction
General Contractor – Healtheon Inc
Concrete Sub – JLG Structures
Scope of work – Floodwalls for 100 year protection
Owner – Corps. of Engineers

St. Francis Hospital Build Parking Garage

St. Francis Parking Garage

Tulsa, Oklahoma

St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma is building a 3-story parking garage in order to accommodate patients, doctors and visitors. Before the parking facility could be built, retaining walls were constructed. Cantera Construction used Meva Lite and Meva Imperial to construct the place-in-finish retaining walls.

Dana Todd (26) and Brian Chlanda (77) have worked closely to supply a complete package of concrete accessories and rental products.

Project Details:
St. Francis Parking Garage: Tulsa, Oklahoma
New Construction
Owner: St. Francis Hospital
Architect: TRO Architects
General Contractor: Manhattan Construction
Concrete Subcontractor: Cantera Construction
Scope of Work: Concrete Forms and Accessories
Project Description: New three level parking garage

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