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Galveston Island Palms Pavilion

Galveston, Texas

The Galveston Palms is having a pavilion built for outdoor events. The columns of the pavilion are being constructed using Caraustar Column Cast; this is second project that CMC Construction Services has used the column foam material for forming. Kenneth Jowers (51) and Johnnie Arolfo (51) worked with Caraustar and the contractor on this project to ensure proper installation and application.

All Column Cast forms were pre-assembled and jacketed; 10” ties were installed at all jacket buckets to insure there was no buckling under pressure. Shep Tube was used over the rebar cage so the Column Cast would not be marred. The Column Cast forms were then aligned and 2 x 4’s and tie wire were used to anchor the forms to prevent floating. Concrete was then poured into the forms and vibrated until the forms were completely full.

When the forms were removed from the columns there was no evidence of streaking from sand, lift lines or segregation due to the concrete placement or vibration procedures. The columns can now be painted because there are no blemishes.

Jobsite Facts
Job: 3500 ft2 covered pavilion
Concrete Contractor: Shep Tube, Column Cast
Building Owner: The Galveston Palms

  1. June 25, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    This method of construction was exactly what we needed. Thank you for assisting us on this project with your column cast forms. The pavilion turned out Beautiful! Also, thank you for participating in our Grand Opening! Your customers can see more photos on our website at http://www.galvestonislandpalms.com.

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