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Fort Buhlow Bridge

Alexandria, LA

Louisiana DOT is working on a project to replace the two-lane Fort Buhlow Bridge with a four-lane bridge. The $82.9 million project includes a new high-rise bridge between Alexandria and Pineville, a new railroad overpass, two new cofferdams in the river and connections between existing roadways.

Jensen Construction is the prime contractor on this project and Diamond B Construction is responsible for the earth worth, drainage and asphalt roadway. Tarver Land Development handled all the clearing and demo work.

Erosion control, geotextile fabric, bar supports, forming supplies, cure, epoxy, grout, turbidity barrier and small tools have been sold on the project by the Alexandria location.

Fuel & Farm Associated Roadway

Alexandria, Louisiana

England Airpark & Community is having a new aviation fuel facility constructed in Alexandria, LA. The general contractor is Tudor Inc., the site and base work are being performed by Tarver Land Development and JD’s Rebar and Construction are installing the rebar for the project.

The project includes two 265,000 gallon jet fuel tanks and a 10,000 gallon AV gas tank with loading and off-loading systems. The concrete paving is designed to catch any spills and divert them into a trench drain system provided by CMC Construction Services in Alexandria, LA. The sound support walls for the tank are complete and work is underway on the second phase of the containment walls.

Erosion control, drainage products, bar supports, Shep 1107 Premium Grout, vapor barrier and small tools have been sold on this site by the Alexandria location. The form yards in Baton Rouge and Houston have provided all Symons forms and Meva Lite.

Office of Carl E. Woodward

New Orleans, Louisiana

Carl E Woodward is in the construction stage for its new home office on the corner of Jefferson Davis Parkway and Earhart Boulevard in New Orleans.  Woodward is the general contractor for this 18 million dollar job.  The first product sold on this job was geotextile fabric (Terratex GS) for the sub grade.

Zinsel Glass was awarded the contract for all glass going into the building. I sold Zinsel Dow Corning 795 Gray in sausage rolls, 7/8’’ soft type backer rod, 1 1/8’’ soft type backer rod and accessories for caulking and glazing.

Coast Concrete Services from Lacombe, LA received the contract for the paving and miscellaneous concrete on the job. CMC CS is supplying all paving accessories such as 6’’x12’’ 0/1 welded wire fabric, 5 ½’’ Dayton Superior screed key, 6’’ merch grade redwood, dowel bars, tie bars, curing compound, and all other accessories.

The office building is scheduled to be finished by the beginning of November.  As a whole, CMC CS has supplied the majority of materials for the project.

Huey P. Long Bridge Widening


The Huey P. Long Bridge opened in 1935 and was the first crossing over the Mississippi River. The bridge allowed for both car and railroad traffic through New Orleans. After Hurricane Katrina, in 2006, the state of Louisiana embarked on a seven-year project to widen the bridge. The project will add an additional travel lane and inside and outside shoulders on each side.

John Humbrecht (43) is working with Kiewitt Massman Traylor Constructors on this project and has sold slab and beam bolsters, form release, curing compound, joint sealants, epoxies, forming hardware, bonding agents, grouts, overhang brackets, geotextiles, and power equipment on this project.

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