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Office of Carl E. Woodward

New Orleans, Louisiana

Carl E Woodward is in the construction stage for its new home office on the corner of Jefferson Davis Parkway and Earhart Boulevard in New Orleans.  Woodward is the general contractor for this 18 million dollar job.  The first product sold on this job was geotextile fabric (Terratex GS) for the sub grade.

Zinsel Glass was awarded the contract for all glass going into the building. I sold Zinsel Dow Corning 795 Gray in sausage rolls, 7/8’’ soft type backer rod, 1 1/8’’ soft type backer rod and accessories for caulking and glazing.

Coast Concrete Services from Lacombe, LA received the contract for the paving and miscellaneous concrete on the job. CMC CS is supplying all paving accessories such as 6’’x12’’ 0/1 welded wire fabric, 5 ½’’ Dayton Superior screed key, 6’’ merch grade redwood, dowel bars, tie bars, curing compound, and all other accessories.

The office building is scheduled to be finished by the beginning of November.  As a whole, CMC CS has supplied the majority of materials for the project.

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