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Uni-Trade Stadium

Uni-Trade Stadium, Laredo, Texas

Laredo, Texas

The City of Laredo located on the Texas, Mexico border has an exciting mixture of cultures and a rich heritage. For several years there has been talk of a baseball team and stadium. Money was set aside in 2000, voters approved the project in 2008. HKS (the same firm that produced the Dallas Cowboy ‘s stadium) began the design and a team was created. It was time to build a stadium. Several contractors looked at the plans and most said the budget was too small and the schedule was unworkable.

Leyendecker Construction, Inc. is based in Laredo and is a strong supporter of the community. When they looked at the job they agreed the money was tight and the schedule was short but Laredo deserved the stadium and the community needed the project and the team. The project was five months behind schedule when the first spade of dirt was turned. There have been problems with schedules, equipment, etc. but the young ball players in Laredo are not worried, Leyendecker will see to it that the first pitch is thrown May of 2012.

CMC is proud to have furnished the rebar, column forms, shoring and accessories. We look forward to attending games in Uni-Trade Stadium and seeing young baseball stars with their Lemur hats, baseball gloves and smiles from ear to ear.

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Alexandria – Branch of the Year 2011

Branch of the Year 2011 - Alexandria

Alexandria, Louisiana

For the second year in a row the Branch of the Year trophy (this is determined by Sales, Safety Record and Service) was awarded to Branch 47 in Alexandria, Louisiana for fiscal year 2011.

Gary Starns, Area Manager, had the following to say:

“Branch of the Year consecutive years, this is a new territory! The Alexandria branch is very appreciative to all for the support given throughout the year from Accounting, Accounts Payable, Billing, Credit, Engineering, Form Rental, Inventory Control, Marketing and Upper Management. A complete team is vital for success in any organization. At branch 47 we have a very professional and dedicated team that understands the benefits of team work and dedication. The ability to work safe, lean, smart and unselfish results in profits and accomplishments like receiving the honor of Branch of the Year two years in a row.”

This is great accomplishment for this branch and we look forward to seeing what they can do in 2012. Can we make it 3 years in a row?

Annual Corpus Christi Shrimp Boil

Annual Corpus Christi Shrimp Boil

Corpus Christi, Texas

For the past 3 decades as a way to give back to their customers the Corpus Christi location has been holding an Annual Customer Appreciation Shrimp Boil. This event is held each December and gives the branch and its employees the opportunity to let customers know that their ongoing business is appreciated.

Each year the branch asks special vendors to participate in this event and this year there were representatives from Dayton Superior, Lyon’s Manufacturing, Meadow Burke, and Euclid. A very special thank you goes to Mike Hutzler, Gary Woltersdorf, Mike Pruitt, Jim Laudadio, Ray Bridges, Cody Evans, Pat Harral, and Charlie Rutherford for all of their efforts to make this event a great success.

Congratulations to all the employees in the Corpus Christi branch for another successful shrimp boil!

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