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Uni-Trade Stadium

Uni-Trade Stadium, Laredo, Texas

Laredo, Texas

The City of Laredo located on the Texas, Mexico border has an exciting mixture of cultures and a rich heritage. For several years there has been talk of a baseball team and stadium. Money was set aside in 2000, voters approved the project in 2008. HKS (the same firm that produced the Dallas Cowboy ‘s stadium) began the design and a team was created. It was time to build a stadium. Several contractors looked at the plans and most said the budget was too small and the schedule was unworkable.

Leyendecker Construction, Inc. is based in Laredo and is a strong supporter of the community. When they looked at the job they agreed the money was tight and the schedule was short but Laredo deserved the stadium and the community needed the project and the team. The project was five months behind schedule when the first spade of dirt was turned. There have been problems with schedules, equipment, etc. but the young ball players in Laredo are not worried, Leyendecker will see to it that the first pitch is thrown May of 2012.

CMC is proud to have furnished the rebar, column forms, shoring and accessories. We look forward to attending games in Uni-Trade Stadium and seeing young baseball stars with their Lemur hats, baseball gloves and smiles from ear to ear.

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