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Houston South Showroom Merchandising

Houston South Showroom Merchandising

Houston, Texas

Our Houston-South (51) branch recently updated its merchandising layout in the showroom. The goal was to create a showroom that flowed better, was cleaner, and was less cluttered to improve our customer’s shopping experience.

The changes included: relocating saw blades behind the sales counter, consolidating hand tools to one wall, and establishing a display area for equipment. Other updates included removing tall vendor display to bring in more natural light; this will allow the showroom to appear larger as customers look for products. A seasonal display with Sqwincher, water coolers, cone cup holders, cone cups and straw hats was created in the large front area. The inside sales staff is having a difficult keeping this area stocked with the warm weather.

The changes allow inside sales a better view of where customers are in the showroom and make it easier to assist customers with finding products. The showroom now runs more efficiently and inside sales is striving to make each customer have the best shopping experience possible.

This was a team effort by everyone in Inside Sales thanks to: Warren Stapleton, Bobby Pratka, Maria Cruz, Rosemarie Espinosa, Dan Moleski, Oscar Sanchez and John Hicks for their great ideas and hard work in re-merchandising the showroom.

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