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McLennan County I-35 Bridge Expansion

McLennan County I-35 Bridge Expansion

Waco, Texas

Construction began in July 2012 on two bridges in Waco, Texas over the Brazos River and is expected to be complete by the fall of 2014. This project will increase I-35 to three lanes each way to ease congestion in the area by extending the frontage lanes over the river.

The bridge is a unique design known as an “extradosed bridge” that will be unlike all other bridges in Texas and there are only two such bridges in the United States. This type of bridge is a hybridge between a standard girder bridge and a cable suspension bridge. There will also be 46 ft. twin towers, lights and a walking trail that will connect to the existing riverwalk below.

Britt Sims (24) worked closely with our vendor David Stevens with OCM to sell all the overhang brackets on this bridge project to Lane Construction. In addition, Britt has also supplied embed hangers, waterstop, Shepler’s Premium Release SB, power tools and wall ties on the project.

Thanks to Britt Sims (24) for his work on this project.

Winzer Corporation Distribution Center


Dallas, Tx

Winzer Corporation based in Dallas specializes in industrial and automotive repair products. They are currently expanding their distribution capabilities with a new 250,000 ft.2 tilt-up concrete facility.

Working with Garland based Osburn contractors; private label sprayers, reveal adhesive, and a J6 bondbreaker have been sold for this project. Earlier this year Allen Engineering riding trowels were sold for the project and can be seen in action in the picture above. In the future as the project continues to move forward  will be continue to be a major supplier of products and accessories.

A special thanks to Bobby Jones (22) for the information and pictures.

North Eldridge Parkway Expansion

Houston, Texas

Due to the increase growth in the Energy Corridor in West Houston Eldridge Parkway is being widened from four to six lanes. Slack & Co. is performing the work on this $1.4 million expansion, which is scheduled for completion in December 2012.

Jesse Sandoval (52) is working with Slack & Co. to provide the complete line of construction-related products for this project. So far CMC Construction Services has supplied Shepler’s Performance Products, rebar, two Husqvarna concrete saws and numerous hand tools.

A special thanks to Jessie Sandavol (52) for his work on this project.

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