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Lake Charles Grain and Feed Silos

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles, Louisiana

In October 2012, Todd & Sargent began construction on eight whole grain silos and four shipping bins at the IFG Port Holdings in Lake Charles, LA. The whole grain silos are 44 ft. in diameter, 168 ft. high, have a 36,000total ton capacity and contain concrete suspended hoppers. The shipping bins are 30 ft in diameter, 168 ft. tall and have a 8,800 total ton capacity.

This project required several CMC Construction Services departments and branches to work together. Bill Sheu (Houston) and Steve Wilson (41) made a site visit to discuss the plans with the customer and Mei (Maggie) Qu (Houston) designed the project to the customer’s satisfaction. The forming material for this project was shipped from France and the engineering was a unique pie-shape cut from lumber.

Cade Cothern (41) scheduled on time deliveries for all material from Baton Rouge and Bob Dozier (45), Dan Bass (45) and the entire Lake Charles branch (45) supplied the remaining products such as tie wire, form oil, curing compound, lumber and safety equipment.

Thanks to everyone that helped make this project a success!

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