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Going Wild at the Houston Zoo

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Starting in 2008 the Houston Zoo began its ambitious $50 million 13 acre African Forest Exhibit. This project includes new habitats for giraffes, rhinos, and chimpanzees. Now in its third phase, W.S. Bellows has started construction on a new exhibit for gorillas. The gorillas have not been a part of the Houston Zoo for many years and when complete the exhibit will feature a waterfall, a flowing stream, natural and artificial logs, and a visitor boardwalk for zoo goers to get a closer look at the gorillas.

James Jarvis (00) and Spanky Boutell (51) worked together to provide the entire package of products to this jobsite. Jarvis rented MevaLite forms ranging from 4’ to 22’ and Boutell sold cure, epoxy, grout, patching material and Shep tube.

James Jarvis (00) and Spanky Boutell (51) provided the information and image for this story.

Expanding the Rail Yard

Santa Teresa, New Mexico

Santa Teresa, New Mexico

After two years of hard work and planning our initial shipments of products will be delivered to the jobsite of the brand new $400M Union Pacific Rail Facility. This facility outside of Santa Teresa, New Mexico will serve as Union Pacific’s main southwestern hub when completed in 2015. This facility will serve as a location for fueling and servicing, a layover for crew changes, and an intermodal train-to-truck freight facility linked to a planned industrial park.

This is a massive undertaking and expected to be a huge boost to the San Teresa and El Paso region. Working with Sundt Commerical Construction, Steven Holley (24) of our Fort Worth branch sold epoxy dowels, epoxy coated rebar, PCCP baskets, and other accessories for this project.

Thank you to Steven Holley (24) for your hard work and the information on this project.

Final Stretch of I-45N Construction

Montgomery County, Texas

Montgomery County, Texas

Just north of Conroe, TX; a lane widening project of I-45 is nearly finished. This project’s construction began in 2010 to help accommodate the growing population and traffic. The project consisted of expanding the highway from two to four lanes in each direction and rebuilding the frontage roads.

In partnership with Webber Construction; Dean Alley (51) and Blake Locke of ABT Drains (who also provided the engineering services) sold 776 LF of a specialized heavy duty trench drain for this project. Other products sold by CMC Construction Services for this project include 337,000 GTI Paving Chairs, 105,000 Tie-Bars, and 40,000 Gallons of Prime Eco Type 2 Cure.

Thank you to Dean Alley (51) for providing the images and ongoing project information.

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