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Staying Safe in the Workplace: Hand Protection

Hand and finger injuries are among the most common injury location at home and in the work place. CMC Construction Services takes pride in the safety of its employees and our customers, so we would like to share the most common type of hand injuries and how to prevent them.

The three most common types of hand injuries are traumatic, contact and repetitive.

  • Traumatic injuries often occur during use of machinery or tools and include fingers get caught, crushed, cut, or torn. To help prevent these types of accidents, use shields, guards, gloves and be sure to keep any loose clothing and jewelry away from moving parts.
  • Contact injuries include burns and damage to tissue resulting from contact with chemicals, acids, solvents and hot surfaces. When handling these items always read the safety labels, wear gloves, and wash your hands frequently.
  • Repetitive motion injuries occur when a motion is repeated quickly over long periods of time. To help you combat these types of injuries; change your grip, hand position, or motion. If possible, rotate tasks to give your hands a rest.

Healthy hands are built to last a lifetime so always be aware of your environment and take the proper precautions in any situation.

  1. sfmtusker
    April 22, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Since most of the work on construction sites involves use of hands, it is obvious that hand injuries are common. Apart from wearing safety equipment, awareness needs to be created among workers about safety which can be done through discussions and seminars.

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