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2014 Texas City Industrial Trade Show


Texas City, Texas

The Texas City-La Marque Chamber of Commerce held its 24th Annual Industrial Trade Show Tuesday, April 22nd. The event brought together contractors, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and developers from the construction and industrial sectors.

Bob Baxter (59) and Wade Sholmire (51) attended this event and were able to see the latest industry trends, gain competitor insight and solidify current customer relationships. CMC Construction Services was proud to exhibit at this event and looks forward to furthering the relationships started at this show.

Earth Day: How LEED Helps Build a Greener Construction Industry

LEED certification provides independent, third-party verification that a building or community was designed and built using strategies aimed at achieving high performance in five key areas of human and environmental health: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.


Participation in LEED gives building owners and operators the tools they need to have an immediate and measurable impact on their buildings’ performance. There are both environmental and financial benefits to earning LEED certification.

  • Lower operating costs and increase asset value
  • Reduce waste sent to landfills
  • Conserve energy and water
  • Be healthier and safer for occupants
  • Reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions
  • Qualify for tax rebates, zoning allowances and other incentives in hundreds of cities
  • Moreover, an organization’s participation in the voluntary and technically rigorous LEED process demonstrates leadership, innovation, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Leroy Caldwell Featured in “The Structural Engineer Newsletter”

President’s Message leroy-caldwell

Leroy Caldwell, P.E. (22) has been with CMC Construction Services since July 2009 and recently had an article published in The Structural Engineer Newsletter. His article identified the challenges faced by tilt-up construction engineers and crews with newer “flag shaped” panels and how to successfully manage the process.

Leroy is a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington and was with Dayton Superior for 28 years before joining us. He is highly esteemed among his colleagues for his work ethic, knowledge, field experience, and his sense of humor.

We would like to congratulate Leroy on this accomplishment and thank his for all of his hard work. If you would like to read Leroy’s featured article click here.

2013 TCA Tilt-Up Convention

This year the Tilt-up Concrete Association Annual Convention took place in Sugar Land, Texas September 30th – October 2nd. Each year this event brings together contractors, engineers, architects, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, educators and developers from the tilt-up concrete construction industry.

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

The convention featured vendor displays, demonstrations and seminars. Demonstrations represented job site conditions where attendees could watch techniques and products in action while having any questions answered. The seminars featured top industry experts and allowed some attendees to receive training certifications.

CMC Construction Services was proud to be a participant and sponsor for this great event and look forward to next year’s convention in San Jose, California.

2013 TCA Convention

2013 TCA Convention

The TCA Annual Convention is THE premier gathering of the global tilt-up industry. This year’s event is packed with outstanding education that you are sure to find inspirational and incredibly valuable. The opportunities to improve your product are abundant at convention. Whether it is receiving feedback on a new adhesive, learning a new foundation detail, discovering efficient methods for troubleshooting cracks or saving money on rebar caps by ordering your steel with a hook, your work WILL improve as a direct result of your participation.

Hope to see you Monday!

Staying Safe in the Workplace: Hot Weather

With summer in full swing, triple digit temperatures can be the norm in many regions of the United States. For those who work outside these conditions can cause long term health issues or even death if proper steps are not taken.

Tips to Stay Safe:

During hot weather, you will need to drink more liquid than your thirst indicates. Increase your fluid intake regardless of your activity level and drink 16-32 ounces of cool fluids each hour in 15 minute intervals.

Choose light-weight, light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.  In the hot sun, a wide-brimmed hat will keep the head cool. Make sure you wear to prevent sunburn.

If you are unaccustomed to working in hot weather, start slowly and pick up the pace gradually.  If heavy activity in the heat causes a racing heart rate, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, confusion, or you feel faint or week, stop all activity immediately, and get to a cool or shady area to rest.

For more information about Using the Heat Index click here.

Always Learning – Euclid Training

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Last week, our sales staff took part in a training put on by Euclid Chemical at our Houston South location. As part of our commitment to having the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry, we are working with our vendors to stay up-to-date on their latest products and industry trends.

The training was broken up into two segments; a classroom and hands on product demonstration. The hour long classroom session included product literature and information to f Euclid’s line of concrete repair products. The product demonstration segment allowed the employees to see the proper preparation and use of the products in action.

If you would like to learn more about Euclid and their line of products click here.


Ardex Training Houston South Branch

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Earlier this week representatives from Ardex visited the Houston South location to give our salespeople an overview of their line of concrete repair products.

The training was broken up into a classroom presentation and a product demonstration to show the full range of products Ardex offers. The classroom presentation included product literature and learning details of the products while outside employees go to work with the products to see how they would work for specific applications. These trainings provide knowledge to our sales staff that can then be given to our customers, this partnerships goes a long way in supplying the customer.

If you would like to learn more about Ardex and the line of products click here.

American Society of Concrete Contractors Video Shoot

American Society of Concrete Contractors

Houston, Texas

The American Society of Concrete Contractors was formed by and for concrete contractors and others who provide services and goods to the industry. It is a powerful organization of contractors who share the same goals – to improve their businesses and their roles as contractors.

Recently ASCC in partnership with Keystone Concrete filmed an instructional video that covers all the steps that go into proper concrete placing and finishing by ASCC standards. A riding trowel from our Houston South Rental Shop was provided for and was the main focus of video.

Thank you to Rollin McCleskey for the information and images.

Amarillo Branch Open House

Amarillo, Texas

Our Amarillo branch held an Open House on August 25th for area contractors, engineers and architects. More than 100 industry affiliates attended the event which featured a barbeque lunch, vendor demonstrations and giveaways. Some of the prize winners included Jason Ashby with Wiley Hicks, Casey King with Old Pal and Travis Bourne with Kiewit.

Thanks to Reid Harmon (22), Alex Cristan (14), Greg Krause (14) and all the employees from the Amarillo location (17) for making this event a success.

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