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Jackson Street Bridge Rehabilitation

Alexandria, LA

Alexandria, LA

The $5.4 million Jackson Street Bridge rehabilitation project began in September and is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. This project involves repairing the bridge’s mechanical and electrical systems, widening sidewalks, installing handrails and performing structural deck repairs.

Gene Couvillion (47) has worked with Cecil D. Gassiott Contractors to provide an assortment of products including bar supports, dowel baskets and geotextile fabric just to name a few. This project has been a joint effort between our Alexandria and Baton Rouge location to also provide the overhang bracket system for this jobsite.

Thanks to Gene and all the employees in Baton Rouge and Alexandria for their hard work on this project.


Maurice Water Treatment Plant

Maurice, Louisiana

Cecil D. Gassiott, (,  is constructing a water treatment plant in Maurice, LA. Previously, the plant owner Pete Lowe had used Meva Imperial he met with Heath Starns (41) and Gene Couvillion (47) to discuss the features and benefits of the MevaLite. After learning more about the system, Lowe decided to use MevaLite in construction

CMC CS supplied several accessories including bar supports, waterstop, form release, epoxy, chamfer, concrete equipment and filter cloth through our Alexandria location. Both the Houston Rental Yard and Baton Rouge Rental Yard have shipped material to the jobsite in Maurice.

Thanks to Billy Aponas, Gene Couvillion, Heath Starns, Robert Gore and Robert Gray for their hard work on this project.

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