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Showing Off Our New Contractor’s Lounge!

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Recently, our location on Irving Blvd. in Dallas had an Open House on Thursday to showcase its new Contractors Lounge, and it was a huge success!  More than 100 customers were able to enter a random drawing for terrific giveaways such as a 50 inch flat screen TV and many great tools that were donated by our selected vendors.

A free lunch was provided for all the customers, and vendor booths were set up throughout the store.  Thanks to the awesome sales team at Construction Services, the vendors received a record amount of orders.  They all said this was the best Open House they had ever participated in.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a fun and successful day!


Leroy Caldwell Featured in “The Structural Engineer Newsletter”

President’s Message leroy-caldwell

Leroy Caldwell, P.E. (22) has been with CMC Construction Services since July 2009 and recently had an article published in The Structural Engineer Newsletter. His article identified the challenges faced by tilt-up construction engineers and crews with newer “flag shaped” panels and how to successfully manage the process.

Leroy is a graduate of The University of Texas at Arlington and was with Dayton Superior for 28 years before joining us. He is highly esteemed among his colleagues for his work ethic, knowledge, field experience, and his sense of humor.

We would like to congratulate Leroy on this accomplishment and thank his for all of his hard work. If you would like to read Leroy’s featured article click here.

iFly Indoor Skydiving Landing in Frisco

I Fly - TAS

Frisco, TX

Opening in late 2013 Frisco is set to land an iFLY Indoor Skydiving facility. When complete this 8,500-square foot facility will feature a 14-foot diameter vertical wind tunnel capable of speeds over 170 mph.

Russell Frank (24) is working with Haskell Construction and TAS Dallas to provide lifting inserts and brace rental along with Silcoseal 2000F Bondbreaker, Mega Shore shoring, and Thermafoam EPS for Block Outs. Engineering services were provided by the group in Dallas.

A special thanks to Russell Frank (24) for the information and pictures for this story.

Winzer Corporation Distribution Center


Dallas, Tx

Winzer Corporation based in Dallas specializes in industrial and automotive repair products. They are currently expanding their distribution capabilities with a new 250,000 ft.2 tilt-up concrete facility.

Working with Garland based Osburn contractors; private label sprayers, reveal adhesive, and a J6 bondbreaker have been sold for this project. Earlier this year Allen Engineering riding trowels were sold for the project and can be seen in action in the picture above. In the future as the project continues to move forward  will be continue to be a major supplier of products and accessories.

A special thanks to Bobby Jones (22) for the information and pictures.

Ardex Training

Ardex Training - Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Ardex is a line of products that our North Texas (Dallas and Fort Worth) locations have been carrying for the past few months. Ardex specializes in tile adhesives, floor leveling and wall smoothing products. Ardex offers technical training for distributors to demonstrate the full line of products and to introduce the new premier products the company is offering.

Ardex Training - Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX

Pictured from left to right: Kirby Leal, Mike McCoy, Matt Eller (Ardex), Jamie Berkley, Bobby Jones, Jesse Points, Robby McNutt, Steve Holly, and Kelly Bowen

Last week sales staff and managers attended one-day training in Mansfield, Texas. This type of in-depth training and product knowledge helps our sales team to better help our customers when selecting products.

We would like to thank Bobby Jones for the information and photos of this training.

For more pictures click here.

New Product and New Vendor

Almand Light Tower

Dallas, Texas

Recently, CMC Construction Services in Dallas sold seven Almand Light Towers to Webber, LLC. This is a new product for CMC Construction Services. John Pierson, North Texas Equipment Manager, secured pricing and established Almand Brothers as a new vendor. Due to John’s aggressive pricing negotiating Britt Sims was able to beat several competitors for this order.

CMC Construction Services provides many products our customers are not aware of and John’s sale motto is “don’t be afraid to sell anything, if we don’t have it we can get it.”

Thanks to John Pierson for submitting the pictures for this story.

Wheatland Towne Crossing

Dallas, Texas

Spring Valley Construction is expanding the Wheatland Towne Crossing shopping area with nine (9) additional buildings. The shopping area will include: PetsMart, Office Depot, Dollar Tree, Party City and 4 additional retail shells. The CMC Construction Services Engineering Department in Dallas was given the 220-panel job on July 11, 2011 and was able to step up to the challenge of completing the first “for approval” drawings in four (4) working days.

This job allowed our Dallas location to demonstrate services outside of the typical consumables such as liquid color, stamp designs, tube cutting, in the field panel layouts and engineering’s ability to design projects with minimal use of strong-backs.

A special thanks to James Caldwell (22) for his above and beyond attention and hard work on this project.

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