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Sentry Gateway Business Park

San Antonio, Texas

The Tilt-Up Concrete Association recently held its annual conference where the winners of the 2012 Tilt-Up Award were announced. The Sentry Gateway Business Park in San Antonio, TX received an award in the Office Division category. The 99,000 ft2 building is nearly 50 percent glass-to wall ratio and balances the structural aspect of the walls with an open appearance.

By using tilt-up construction the perimeter of the building was erected in three days which was a major advantage to the project. The building is designed to LEED Gold criteria and is currently in the process of becoming certified.

EE Reed was the General Contractor for the project and Urban Concrete Contractors was the sub-contractor. Rudy Gonzales (03) worked with Urban Concrete on this project to rent the tilt-wall brace package and sold SILCOSEAL 2000F bondbreaker, 10mil Stego wrap, Greenstreak formliner, banak reveal, and e-z chairs.

Thanks to Rudy for the information for this story and his hard work on this project.


Fort Buhlow Bridge

Alexandria, LA

Louisiana DOT is working on a project to replace the two-lane Fort Buhlow Bridge with a four-lane bridge. The $82.9 million project includes a new high-rise bridge between Alexandria and Pineville, a new railroad overpass, two new cofferdams in the river and connections between existing roadways.

Jensen Construction is the prime contractor on this project and Diamond B Construction is responsible for the earth worth, drainage and asphalt roadway. Tarver Land Development handled all the clearing and demo work.

Erosion control, geotextile fabric, bar supports, forming supplies, cure, epoxy, grout, turbidity barrier and small tools have been sold on the project by the Alexandria location.

Fuel & Farm Associated Roadway

Alexandria, Louisiana

England Airpark & Community is having a new aviation fuel facility constructed in Alexandria, LA. The general contractor is Tudor Inc., the site and base work are being performed by Tarver Land Development and JD’s Rebar and Construction are installing the rebar for the project.

The project includes two 265,000 gallon jet fuel tanks and a 10,000 gallon AV gas tank with loading and off-loading systems. The concrete paving is designed to catch any spills and divert them into a trench drain system provided by CMC Construction Services in Alexandria, LA. The sound support walls for the tank are complete and work is underway on the second phase of the containment walls.

Erosion control, drainage products, bar supports, Shep 1107 Premium Grout, vapor barrier and small tools have been sold on this site by the Alexandria location. The form yards in Baton Rouge and Houston have provided all Symons forms and Meva Lite.

Memorial Drive Improvements

Bixby, Oklahoma

 The City of Bixby contracted 2000 ft. of sidewalk with a colored border. The specs for the project specified color hardener being thrown to create the colored border. Steve Roberts and Dana Todd, Tulsa location, held a hands-on demonstration of integral color and stamps to show Tri-Star Construction it was a better solution than using powdered color hardener.

Once the job was complete the Superintendent was pleased with how quick, easy and less messy the product was compared to using bagged powdered integral color. Dana Todd also sold expansion joint, Visqueen and sealant on this project.

Tom Brown (Area Manager) said, “This hands on service after the sale is what our competitors do  not do for customers and that is why we are beating them!”

Thanks to Dana Todd and Steve Roberts for their hard work and commitment.

Knights Cross Elementary

San Antonio, Texas

Summit Builders is constructing Knights Cross in San Antonio, Texas.  Texcon is the acting concrete subcontractor on the 125,500-square-foot campus that will feature 55 classrooms and will have the capacity of 1,200 students. This campus will be a LEED certified facility.

This is an elevated deck job with 8 sections (footprints)(A-H). This has been a joint effort with James Beaird (51) and Carlos de la Santos (02) selling a complete package of products including generators, Shep Tube, several performance products, plywood, vapor barrier, rebar etc.

Super Target Construction

Kenner, Louisiana

Super Target will be opening a new store in Esplanade Shopping Mall in Kenner, LA. The 145,000 square foot store is expected to open later this year. Sun Builders Co. is the General Contractor on the site.   CMC CS worked with Seretta Construction to supply the complete package of products and services.

The project has been a combined effort between CMC CS New Orleans and Houston. Heath Starns (44) secured the Steel-Ply for the loading dock walls and support beams. Jimmie Ballard (Eldridge) and John Ballard (53) provided sales support for the tilt-up work on the site. John Humbrecht (43) sold the concrete accessories including vapor barrier, chair supports, grout, lumber and insulation board.

Thanks to Heath Starns, Jimmie Ballard, John Ballard and John Humbrecht for their hard work.

Starpak Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility Expansion

Houston, Texas

StarPak, Ltd is a premier supplier of plastic packaging products in Houston, Texas.  Recently, the company decided to expand its existing tilt-up warehouse and manufacturing facility. CMC worked with Metzger Construction who acted as the general contractor while self performing the concrete work.

Metzger added approximately 50,000 ft2 of warehouse space that included moving (14) existing tilt wall panels and added (8) new ones.  In order to move the existing panels Metzger had to drill four holes 1-3/4” at the top of each panel and used a 1-1/2” x 24” coil rod with a T-12 Swivel Plate on each side to pick and plumb set each tilt-up panel.

The project was not large but the technical challenges were considerable due to the confined amount of space that was available to complete the job. CMC Construction Services was able to sell the “complete package” on this project including vapor barrier (Stego), tilt-up braces, engineering services and paving materials.

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