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In-Depth Husqvarna Training Comes to Houston

Houston, TX

Houston, TX

Recently, our sales staff from Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christ and Houston took part in a training conducted by Husqvarna in Houston, TX. As part of our commitment to our customer, these training events are paramount to have the most knowledgeable sales staff in the industry.

The training was broken up into two segments; sales training, product knowledge and hands-on product demos. The training included product information and sales approaches our salesmen can use to better help customers find the right solution to fit his need. The hands-on product training allowed the employees to see and use the full line of Husqvarna power tools that we offer.

If you would like to learn more about Husqvarna and their line of products click here.

Always Being Ready – First Aid and CPR Training

CMC Construction Services takes pride in its continued commitment to safety. Each month we will highlight the efforts of CMC Construction Services and its employees as they work together in an effort to make the workplace and home safer.

Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas

Recently at the Houston South branch employees took part in American Heart Association First Aid and CPR training and certification course. This class was given by Warren Stapleton (51), who is an instructor for the American Heart Association thru Memorial Hospital Life Flight program.

This course teaches critical skills and knowledge needed to respond to and manage a first aid or sudden cardiac arrest emergency. The employees learned how to treat bleeding, sprains, broken bones, shock and other first aid emergencies, as well as perform CPR and use an AED.

We would like to thank Warren for his hard work and for providing the images and information.

Houston Area OSHA Training

Houston, Texas

In an effort to continue to improve our safety program, Freddy Garcia held a 10-hour Outreach Training session for all Houston Metro branches.

The training provided a general overview of recognizing and preventing hazards on a general industry site and a variety of safety and health hazards that can be encountered in our branches.  The focus of the training was to be able to identify, avoid, control and prevent hazards.

Branch managers and safety representatives attended the training and will receive additional training in hazards that are specific to their jobs.

Symons Formwork Safety Seminar

Houston, Texas

Bill Hicks from Symons recently held a training class at the Houston-South rental yard to reemphasize the importance of safety with our rental products.  Symons is raising awareness about safety after an employee, with 30 years experience, was fatally injured on the job.

The training focused on following safety procedures, the importance of not working alone, being aware of one’s surroundings and looking out for co-workers.

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