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Parkway Central Office Complex

Houston, Texas

Parkway Central is the first of several projects being developed by Core Real Estate on a 9 acre site located on the Westside of Houston along the North Sam Houston Tollway. Parkway Central is a 228,000 ft², four-story office building featuring 11 ¼” thick panels with the tallest panel being 73’ 11” and weighs 166.5 kips.

James Beaird (51) worked with Texas A&M Concrete and Debra Samson (55) worked with general contractor DE Harvey Builders to supply the Power Shep Lift Inserts and the Burke B-52 Braces for this project. All together it was a total of 174 braces which were braced to the outside with the Badger Helical Anchor System.

Jeffrey Brown, a principal with Houston-based Powers Brown Architecture specializes in designing tiltwall buildings.

 “The tiltwall method is even more appealing now because of the cheaper way to meet the rising demand for office space in west Houston. Tiltwall projects are faster and less expensive than traditional office construction and that is the big hook that’s got people attracted to it.”

Among the projects CMC Construction Service is proud to be a part of is a proposed 250,000 ft², five-story office building off I-10 and Greenhouse Road in the Energy Corridor.  We would like to thank Debra Samson for the great information and pictures for this story.

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