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Galveston Island Palms Pavilion

Galveston, Texas

The Galveston Palms is having a pavilion built for outdoor events. The columns of the pavilion are being constructed using Caraustar Column Cast; this is second project that CMC Construction Services has used the column foam material for forming. Kenneth Jowers (51) and Johnnie Arolfo (51) worked with Caraustar and the contractor on this project to ensure proper installation and application.

All Column Cast forms were pre-assembled and jacketed; 10” ties were installed at all jacket buckets to insure there was no buckling under pressure. Shep Tube was used over the rebar cage so the Column Cast would not be marred. The Column Cast forms were then aligned and 2 x 4’s and tie wire were used to anchor the forms to prevent floating. Concrete was then poured into the forms and vibrated until the forms were completely full.

When the forms were removed from the columns there was no evidence of streaking from sand, lift lines or segregation due to the concrete placement or vibration procedures. The columns can now be painted because there are no blemishes.

Jobsite Facts
Job: 3500 ft2 covered pavilion
Concrete Contractor: Shep Tube, Column Cast
Building Owner: The Galveston Palms

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

San Antonio, Texas

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) in San Antonio, Texas is expanding its headquarters and building two new buildings totaling 137,000 square feet. The General Contractor is Koontz McCombs and construction is scheduled over the next 18 months.

Gary Woltersdorf (02) is working with Keystone Concrete and Stewart Builders, which are using the Shep Power Lift insert for the first building, which will use 76 tilt-up panels.

Jobsite Facts:
General Contractor:  Koontz McCombs
Concrete Contractor: Keystone Concrete / Stewart Builders
Erector: C & C Erection
Crane:  500 ton rubber tire: Alamo Crane
Tilt-Up Panels: 76’ tall panels
Products on jobsite: Shep Power Lift Inserts
Building Owner:  Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

Starpak Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility Expansion

Houston, Texas

StarPak, Ltd is a premier supplier of plastic packaging products in Houston, Texas.  Recently, the company decided to expand its existing tilt-up warehouse and manufacturing facility. CMC worked with Metzger Construction who acted as the general contractor while self performing the concrete work.

Metzger added approximately 50,000 ft2 of warehouse space that included moving (14) existing tilt wall panels and added (8) new ones.  In order to move the existing panels Metzger had to drill four holes 1-3/4” at the top of each panel and used a 1-1/2” x 24” coil rod with a T-12 Swivel Plate on each side to pick and plumb set each tilt-up panel.

The project was not large but the technical challenges were considerable due to the confined amount of space that was available to complete the job. CMC Construction Services was able to sell the “complete package” on this project including vapor barrier (Stego), tilt-up braces, engineering services and paving materials.

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